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My name is Michael Lee, 李泽伦 (Zelun li) in Chinese.
I'm born in New Zealand and am currently based in China.
As a hobby, I collect and study insects (especially assassin bugs, i.e., Reduviidae).
I am most confident with identifying Asian Reduviidae species. I have a small but growing personal specimen collection of Reduviids, mainly from China and adjacent countries, currently consisting of around 700 specimens of over 300 species.
I also know a bit about Orthoptera (mainly on Stenopelmatoidea), but I don't have enough materials to back my opinions up.
I plan to study and (maybe) eventually work in related fields in the future.
Contact me if you would like to exchange specimens with me; I can collect Chinese (or wherever I'll be traveling to) species for you in exchange for Reduviidae specimens.

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Email: zelun2003@126.com

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