Michael Lee

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Please excuse the grammar issues if there's any in anything I says or posts ;D I'm Michael Lee, 李泽伦 (Zelun-Li) in Chinese. I'm a NZ born Chinese teenager that is obsessed with carnivores Orthopteran and Reduviidae insect. I had collected many exotic/native species of Orthopteran and Reduviidae insects. As I collect different species, I gain knowledge of their taxonomy, morphology and life history. I'm pretty confident about classifying species & genus from China and area around it (especially Reduviidae) but still have to work on those from other areas. I plan to study and (maybe) eventually work in related fields in the future. P.S.: Collection of your special group and scientific exchange by request are possible, I'm capable of collecting Chinese species and are looking forward to anyone that's willing to 'make a deal' (haha) using Reduviidae or Stenopelmatoidea specimen.

Here's the Chinese version for any Chinese friend that might happens to be around iNat:

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