My busiest iNatting month

This October has been the biggest iNatting month I have ever had since April. Sure I didn't have many days in April but I got 266 species in a five day period. This month I have been out nearly every day; not quite but almost. I have seen tons of new things. I am up 1,676 observations with a total of 710 species by far. I do expect that number to rise after a few of my observations get identified. This year has been one busy year and it has been hard. My mom having cancer and having to have surgery has been a hassle but I have been able to cope with it through time out on hikes and stuff. I have been able to do a lot and keep my head up high even in rough times. This month has been really good though. I got to go on not one but two bio blitzes and got to add a few more Volunteer Hours and one Advance Training hour to my Master Naturalist stuff. I found a lot of good stuff this month. I got to find a bunch of really cool insects. I was able to make a few firsts in the process of observing. I have been very pleased with all my catches this past month. October is almost coming to a close and November will soon be here. I must say that I am looking forward to more winter birds returning to Tarrant County. The insects will soon become not so numerous and I will be back looking for more birds. I can't wait for the return of the "Butter Butts" I see those at TCC South from time to time. I am so looking forward to the ducks to return and the other shore birds. Out of all the birds water birds tend to be my forte. Sure I will take whatever comes my way but I do love a good shorebird every now and then. I have seen a few Double Crested Cormorants this month. I also have seen quite a few American Wigeons around the few parks I got to that have ponds. So the migration has started. I am just hoping to get back out on those cold chilly days that are overcast. I have a lot of luck when I have those conditions. The only thing is the lighting doesn't always work out for me. October was fun; I got to go out to the LLELA and hang out with @sambiology @brentano @briang @mchlfx and several others. I got to see several cool odes this month. I got to see the American Rubyspot which is a new one to my life list. I had fun at the Oliver Nature Park BioBlitz and Scavenger hunt. Got to hang out with @cindylcobb5 and the rest of the Oliver Nature Park gang. I did a lot of stuff on the weekends this month. I have got out to a few places I have not been too in a long while. I got to see a lot of things eating things this month. I teased the guys when I was out at LLELA and said I possibly have enough photos to make a things eating things album or put more simply a Nature Lunch Album. Seriously I do have a decent amount of photos of things killing things. It is kind of creepy yet interesting. I have got to see a lot of new stuff including my first Green Tree Frogs. I would have probably not believed we got them if I have not seen them first hand. I hear about them all the time on my Facebook page but seriously it was just something I had to experience myself I guess. It was very nice to get out after a very stressful few months. Things seem to be looking up for all of us here in the Chapman household. I am hoping to be able to get out more in the near future to bring you guys more stuff. The next adventure is right near the corner and more stuff is on its way. So stick around and stay tuned to my page for more natural fun. This is your friend Zachary Chapman AKA galactic_bug_man signing off. Live Long and Prosper everyone and have a happy and safe Halloween this Tuesday.

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You have had a good month, Zach! Looking at your observations, you've snagged photos of at least 188 species this month -- nice!

Keep it up, man!

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 6 años

Wow I have been a busy beaver with those numbers.

Publicado por galactic_bug_man hace casi 6 años

It was such a pleasure hiking with you discussing odes. I certainly look forward to our next encounter.

Publicado por mchlfx hace casi 6 años

It was a pleasure meeting you @mchlfx I hope to see you again very soon. It was indeed very fun to discuss odes with you. I look forward to our next adventure.

Publicado por galactic_bug_man hace casi 6 años

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