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I have always loved going outside and looking at plants, animals, and fungi. In the future l would love to get a career as a wildlife biologist (if anyone has any advice on great colleges to help me become a wildlife biologist please message me). I also love sports, I do swimming and track. Another passion of mine is photography; I even have an award from the Cornish Art Institute in Seattle, WA for photography. Right now I am a sophomore at east valley high school saving up for college with my photography business.

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Hey Gabriella! It’s great that you want to be a wildlife biologist! I’ve sure enjoyed being one! My path wasn’t direct though — I stuck with academia for a good while with hopes of pursing a PhD. Upon completion of my masters degree, I got an adjunct job at a community college, then went into botany, and then into nature education, and now into wildlife biology. It’s been a journal of many twists and turns. My advice: be open to those twists and turns. Don’t pursue the money — pursue your passion. Speak up to others and create connections (going to conferences, especially). Oh, and stay active on iNat! If I’d have this in college, whew, I’ll be taking it all over my travels. Now, I’ve been making up for lost time. :)

Be on the lookouts for colleges where you can pursue your passion. There are many of them!

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Thank you very much! My parent have taught me those same values of not pursuing money but your passion, and I am extremely passionate about wildlife and conservation. This summer I am actually going to be working at a local nature day camp to teach kids about the local ecosystems, climate, and survival in the wilderness.

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