New Guide: Opisthobranchs of Baja California Peninsula

Hi Everyone,
Today is Day One of the publication of this guide, so it is likely to be sketchy and full of errors. That's where you come in @jeffgoddard @mcduck @kueda @bahia_de_loreto @claudia_jeannette @nezahualpilli @kestrel @tgosliner and anyone else with an interest! Please message me any additions/removals/unspeakable horrors you notice, and I will gladly fix it.

  • Robin

Publicado por anudibranchmom anudibranchmom, 28 de marzo de 2018


Much as I love them, can I ask why the Black Sea Hare appears twice in the relevant sections?

Publicado por susanhewitt hace más de 3 años (Marca)

Because they are doubly fabulous?? Good catch Susan, thank you, I fixed it! ;-)

Publicado por anudibranchmom hace más de 3 años (Marca)

They are indeed doubly fabulous, and can be doubly huge too! The big sweeties:)

Publicado por susanhewitt hace más de 3 años (Marca)

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