City Nature Challenge: Plan of Action

I have not talked about my battle plans much as I have last year during the City Nature Challenge; I have been so busy with the move and all but I do have some ideas of what I want to do to get more observations. I am going to switch things up. For Moth night I am going to Dogwood Canyon since there is possibly a greater chance of getting a Luna Moth if at all possible. I have been trying to nail that one for years and I am hoping to see one and some of the forest moths. That will be on Friday Night but for the rest of that day before I go to the night event I am going to try and go to Stovall Park, Sonora Park, and then I will go to Elmer W. Oliver or River Legacy. I may even go to Lake Arlington and Thora Hart park just to pick up stuff there just to boost the numbers. That is for Friday.

Saturday's out look looks like I will be going to the BioBlitz at Southwest Nature Preserve. This year that event is a little later in the day around 4-10PM so that is going to be great I will be able to get more that day since that is such a long time to be out there. I will go to OS Gray that morning just to make a repeat of last years Saturday trek. I went to those places last year and I am planning on going back to those places. I will go there in early morning and then I will try and rush over to Veterans Park to check out the pollinator gardens and to try and look for other things. I am looking forward to the SWNP BioBlitz. I will be looking forward to that.

@kimberlietx Sunday I am open if you wanted to go to Crystal Canyon or something. I was thinking about going to a few bigger areas to look for stuff. I was just curious if you wanted to do something with me since we have been talking about it for a while now. I really don't have a schedule I guess I will use this day as a whatever goes day. I mean I will go and get observations but I will just go to random places. I may go to Mary and Jimmie Hooper Park or something later on that day.

Monday I am just going to have go to the places I am used to since my brother has school. It looks like Friday and Saturday and Sunday will be my busy days but I am not so sure about Monday. I will have to run by TCC Southeast Campus or the South Campus and see what I can find at the pond and Recreational areas. I am also thinking about going to the Botanical Gardens and look for stuff but I will have to see about that and try to work it into my schedule but don't worry because I have a few other tricks up my sleeves. I look for stuff in my backyard too but not as much because I need Volunteer Hours so I can keep up with my certification with the Master Naturalist group. Well I have to get going I still have a bit to move from the other house. This is Zachary Chapman signing off.

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I'm thinking I will be at SWNP for a bit and we can bug hunt there! I've had some health issues lately, so I'm going to be a little more low key this year on the events. I'll be at Mockingbird mothing and Ranches East mothing, but other than that I will probably do more at the parks and fields around Keller for the daytime stuff. We are going to ROCK this year!!

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That will work. Hope you get well soon my friend.

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