City Nature Challenge Pre-adventure statement.

As this day comes to a close we all know we have a challenge on our plates. Tomorrow is the City Nature Challenge 2018 and we all are all eager and waiting for the crack of dawn to get our observations and to get on the trail. I just wanted to say good luck to all the cities that are involved this year. Last year DFW took the top spot as the most observations in the CNC 2017 contest. Last year was the first time Texas was invited to join in the CNC. I was able to get 266 observations that year. I am hoping to double that number but let us not forget that no matter who comes out on top in the end we are all winners. We are all on a mission to help bring awareness to the policy makers and the community. It is a contest yes but we all have the same goal to find as many things in our world as we can so we can share and appreciate them. It is fun to be competitive and I love a good challenge and contest; I am just saying in the long run there are no real losers in this challenge for we all get our chance to shine and get our chance to find all sorts of cool creatures and we all have the opportunity to get stuff we have never even seen before on our life lists. I for one am excited to be doing this a second time. I have my stuff all ready for tomorrow and I am ready to hit the trails. I just want to say good luck to you all and may you all get great observations. I may run into a couple of you on the trails. You just never know who you will might meet. Make new discoveries and make a new friend or two I will see you on the trails. Have fun tomorrow you guys and stay safe. Have a great night and get plenty of rest because tomorrow and the next four days it is going to be exhausting. Be sure to eat right and drink plenty of water. You all have a nice night and tomorrow come out and give it your all! LETS DO IT AGAIN PEOPLE! Zachary Chapman out.

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