Friday- April-27-2018 CNC Outlook

Well today seems to be a nice day to go out. So far I have made one observation. I got up at 3:20 or so because I was too darn excited to get this weekend underway. Today I am going out to Stovall Park and Oliver Nature Park. I know I said I will switch it up but I found a whole lot of things last year. I made 97 observations last year during the Friday Start date so I am going to try and get over one hundred photos today. I have to go to my aunt's school later to help with a project so that will slow me up as bit but around the school there are things to be found so it won't slow me up too bad. I will just have to see what is out there if I get the chance. I also have the Mothing event at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center. I may make a brief stop at Thora Hart park and see what is out there. I have been trying to track down more Tiger Beetles and such. I hope it warms up today so my insect pals can come out and play. I am certain that today will be one of the best days for iNaturalist data collection I have ever had. I need to keep a track of all my hours at public parks because they do count toward my Texas Master Naturalist Volunteer Hours for data collection so I can get closer to my re-certification this year. I am hoping to find some good stuff today. I always do but I need to add new lifers to the list so I need to look high and low for all the things I can find in a single day. Round one is just beginning. I will try and post more about the post adventure later on today but I have to go to bed and get up early tomorrow because I am going to try and make it to Flower Mound and go to the "The Flower Mound" and look for stuff there. Day one of the CNC is upon us once more and we need to get all we can. Lets do it again DFW lets win this again we need a consecutive win this year. Help protect our title as CNC Champs. @kimberlietx @sambiology the rest of you on my page I am looking at y'all. Come out and join in the biggest game of hide and seek. Zachary Chapman out.

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Chinche Semillera de Cuello Largo Myodocha serripes


Abril 27, 2018 04:00 AM CDT


Texas, US (Google, OSM)


First observation for the City Nature Challenge 2018! found this little sucker on my bay window screen near my dining room and kitchen area. Didn't expect this one to be my first contest photos. Wonder what else I might find today.



Hong Kong with the massive lead so far!

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