What is a Sedgehead

The name Sedgehead is not something I created. The words rhyme and are probably a take on the term "motorhead" for people who like to work on motors. In the dim and distant past, some botanist created the term by combining the words "sedge" and "head." I recently learned a word like Sedgehead is called a portmanteau. With the -teau ending it obviously comes from French. It is also a type of suitcase, a portmanteau, that is. You learn something new every day.

I claimed the name "Sedgehead" first on the internet in 1995, but of course, other people use it. However, I was early enough that I captured it for several email names, my website (www.sedgehead.com) and on Twitter (rarely used), Facebook (friends limited to my current family and descendants, mostly), Youtube (account abandoned), Linkedin (checked infrequently), QQ (used daily), WeChat (used daily), and other websites.

At age 66, I'm to the point that if my son doesn't need to keep the site for business, I may find some young sedgehead to take the name (and my website) when I am gone. No one lives forever, after all.

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Fotos / Sonidos


Cárex Género Carex




Enero 23, 2018


中国湖南常山金井凤形山公园(Phoenix Park, Jinjing, Changsha, Hunan, China). GPSed at 28°31'36.4"N113°22'18.66"E on reverse-C shaped ridge in this park; thin pine woods on perhaps granitic soil (fragmenting and eroding nearby). 14 plants found here. Four plants collected, none left in China; will distribute to US herbaria later including MICH and NY.



Very cool!

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Yeah, I saw that t-shirt somewhere recently. I made a t-shirt several years ago, but can't think of where I have a photo. My brother-in-law drew a sedge picture and I titled it "So many sedges, so little time."

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love it!

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