Change of Seasons

The change of seasons is in full swing here. We had a spectacular plus of color followed by off and on again days of rain. I went to Whitaker Point, a.k.a. Hawksbill Crag, this weekend with a group from the Chinese Association of NW Arkansas.

The site was overrun by tourists, one of whom said it is the most photographed location in Arkansas ( Most pleasantly, I found that Caucasians were in the minority, one of many minorities, visiting the site. It was the most diverse group of hikers I have ever seen, a delightful situation in Arkansas especially. I saw people who appeared to be from most if not all continents and at least dozens of countries. Several languages were spoken including Mandarin Chinese with the group I hiked with.

Should you visit the site on a weekend in spring or fall, be aware that parking at the trailhead is limited on the narrow dirt road. Cars were parked on both sides (and later ticketed for blocking traffic) with cars approaching from both directions and people trying to turn around (with the help of law enforcement). Park 1/2 mile away and you won't block traffic or get a ticket.

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