Coastal trek 2018 update

Me and the fam are just a day away from our trek to the coast. Last minute preparations are underway. I have gotten all my gear packed and ready to go for the most part. I have my insect field guide, dragonfly field guide, my Peterson bird guide, my National Wildlife Federation Bird Guide, my plant guides, and my tree guide. I have my Canon Rebel T6 with both lenses and my Nikon just in case some one wants to use it or if I need the backup. I am also bringing my beat sheet and my tree beating stick to catch bugs. It is supposed to be really nice so I might get a few cool ones down there. As @briangooding reminded me at one of the Master Naturalist meetings that their might be some things still flying around down there at this time of year. I have my clothes ready to be packed, I have the stuff in the house charging and ready to go. I will take along my battery charger to take to the hotel for over night charging. I am planning to get a bunch of stuff during the trip. I am not going to pass up anything. I am taking photos of shells, crabs, bugs, birds, plants, you name it. I am going to hopefully spend some time at a beach to look for shells and stuff. I am looking forward to going to most of the place I have no my list. I may not make it to all but that is an adventure for another time. I have been looking forward to going back to the coast. I am so excited about it. We are leaving bright and early tomorrow night after we get all of our bags packed and stuff. I am looking forward to getting a ton of new photos of things I have never seen before. I am just giddy with anticipation. This is the first big outing with my new camera and I can't wait to see what this baby can do down there. I have field tested it and so far I love what I am seeing. I still have a few bugs to work out but I am getting the hang of it. I will be playing video games with my brother just to keep him occupied on the trek. He just got the new Super Smash Brothers Ultimate when it was released. I will also bring my tech just to pass the time when I am not brushing up on nature study. I will be checking the books to better familiarize myself with species that may be down there in which I may encounter. I am keeping an eye out on plants too. I am not too familiar with the plants down at the coast and I have not really got many plants in past trips. This is basically a clean sweep trek to get everything and anything. It is going to be awesome to see what might be down when I get there. I know just let nature take its course and let it be a surprise. I am eager and ready to go out again. I am looking forward to this. I hope that everything runs very smoothly and I hope the catch will be epic. I can bet that there will be a massive photo dump after the trek so be on the look out for more coastal photos. So until after the trek this is Zachary Chapman signing off. Stay safe and I will see you on the trail.

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Awesome! Congrats on the new camera, can't wait to see the results of the trip. I'm sure you will have a great time!

Publicado por briangooding hace más de 2 años (Marca)

Sounds like you're well prepared. Have a great time!

Publicado por driftlessroots hace más de 2 años (Marca)

Thanks @driftlessroots :)

Publicado por galactic_bug_man hace más de 2 años (Marca)

Happy Holidays Zach. Be safe on the highways. Can't wait to see all the new photos.

Publicado por eangler hace más de 2 años (Marca)

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