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Hi everyone,

Nearly a year after creating it, there are now 5583 observations in the North American Leafminers umbrella project (, and I've just finished reviewing all of them. A couple of notes:

I think that's it for now. Keep up the good work!


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Thanks, Charley! As a complete amateur brand new to leafminers this year I've learned so much from participating in this project and while I get lost in the details of taxonomy and to date have no competency, I'm sure with persistence I'll start to learn more and possibly learn to apply my knowledge in the field as well.

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Congratulations Charley! We all owe you a big vote of appreciation! You have the real teacher's spirit!

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Thank you, Charley; I have had so much fun finding mines for this project and really appreciate all the work you put into IDing them.

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I second everything that Sara says. I have learned so much and enjoyed so much finding mines and other insect damage, thanks to your inspiration and help.

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There's a Gall project too? Well, there goes all my free time....
In all seriousness, thanks for your work. I only fairly recently found out about this project but I will enjoy looking for mines this summer.

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