Backyard Biodiversity

Ever wondered just how many species you've seen or could find on your property? It is easy enough to upload an observation from your property and set the observation location to "obscured" so that your location is kept private. However that means it can be hard to track which of your observations have been on your property and which species you have recorded there.

For anyone wanting to build a backyard life list, I've put together a guide to setting up a personal Traditional project that can include all observations from your property while keeping your location private: Guide to creating your own "Backyard Biodiversity" Traditional project

If you create a Backyard Biodiversity project using this guide, you can request it be added to the associated Umbrella project "Backyard Biodiversity (South Australia)"

Publicado por cobaltducks cobaltducks, 29 de enero de 2020



Thanks Geoff. This is something I have wanted to do so the information is very helpful to me. Regards, Mel.

Publicado por melbo hace 5 meses (Marca)

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