Welcome to Observations from Isolation

Welcome to this project where we're sharing things we've seen on local walks, balconies, yards and even in the depths of our homes.
If you don't want your observations to pinpoint your property, you can pick a point on the street, or choose to manually obscure the observation when you record it (or after the fact).
We have everyone from seasoned iNaturalist members to entirely newcomers, and all are welcomed.
This journal can be a place place for us to connect on all things nature and let each other know about the wildlife, plants and fungi we're seeing in these exceptional times.
And to kick things off, please leave a comment on what has been the most interesting/favourite wildlife observation in Canada in the time of physical distancing - it can be your observation or someone else's (and it doesn't have to be an iNaturalist observation if you weren't able to capture it on camera).
Mine is this wood frog observation photographed by an iNaturalist member on an empty road (and many other frog and salamander photos from roadsides). I wonder if under normal circumstances and people still driving lots, if this frog would have ended up as roadkill.

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Mine would have to be when I heard a barred owl near my property and then for the next hour or so a cacophony of crows' mobbing calls. The next day the owl was hooting again and I caught a recording for iNat and eBird. The other great one was catching a nice crisp photo of the first moth of the year - an infant.

Publicado por jollygoodyellow hace más de 3 años

Looking out our bedroom window last week, I saw two house sparrows perched on our eavestrough. I am a complete newbie, so I could see that they were different - I assumed male & female, but I cannot say for sure. As I watched them, one (female?) hopped to the right. A moment later, with a quick look at me through the window, the male followed. The female then flew across the street, landing in a nearby tree. The male followed, landing a foot or so away; same tree. This continued flight-and-follow routine repeated for a few minutes until they flew out of my line of sight. I'm trying to notice more from inside now, and to take the time to really observe the life around me. It was delightful to watch these little birds so clearly interacting. Reminds me that we're not the only beings with the need for companionship.

Publicado por laneyoutside hace más de 3 años

My most notable observation-during-isolation so far is the number of White-tailed Deer that congregate at the community centre – on the soccer and baseball fields specifically – at dusk. The community centre is the only building on its road in Constance Bay, a peninsula on the Ottawa River. In the evening of May 4, between 8:00 p.m. and 8:20 p.m., I counted 11 deer on the soccer field, one just outside the fence and 5 on the baseball field. Then I saw 5 (or 6?) cross the road just outside the perimeter of the community centre. So 22 or 23 deer all in the same spot!

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