June 3rd, 2020

June 3rd, 2020 (Wednesday) 9:00 am – 11:00 am: no newts today! This is the second week with no newts.
It was very hot (heat advisory from Tuesday-Thursday). It was already 25C at 9 am. No rain in a while.
Other roadkills - no vertebrates, a few honey bees, ants, crickets, a scorpion, flies, true bugs, and many beetles: darkling beetles, a large Predaceous Diving Beetle, small ironclad beetles, and unknown beetles.
Coverage: north part - the county park parking lot till the second stop sign.
Rainfall: (MTD: 0 in; YTD: 21.77 in). Data from - http://www.weathercat.net/wxraindetail.php
Traffic: 10 truck, 25 cars, 15 bikes, 6 pedestrians.
All county park parking lots were open, no street parking near the first County Park parking lot.

Publicado por merav merav, 04 de junio de 2020



@merav, I'm so glad you didn't find any dead newts. It's sad that so many insects are also victims of roadkill.

Publicado por truthseqr hace 5 meses (Marca)

me too. it was nice not to see any, for a change!

Publicado por merav hace 5 meses (Marca)

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