A Siege... of Herons!

Birders around the world have had a very busy weekend! Here's a sampling of herons observed and submitted during this 10th SDBioblitz:

First, two elegant Blue Herons on opposite coasts: one in California by @andreacala, and one in New Jersey, by @sadawolk.

Three Great Egrets have been reported so far: one flying over Florida by @eridanxharahi, this one in Zimbabwe by @dougmacsafaris, and a third in Germany, spotted by @amzamz.

Next, we have three Snowy Egrets: one in Dominican Republic by @dnisortiz, a digiscoped Snowy in Costa Rica by @robertoquirs, and one in California showing off her golden slipper, by @andreacala.

@birdexplorers has photographed two species in Fiji: a Pacific Reef-Heron and this elegant White-faced Heron. Both, they say, are "common on the reef", still, a treat for us to see!

@twhitehead reported the one Cattle Egret and the only Grey Heron uploaded so far, and this Little Egret carrying (or perhaps stealing?) nesting material!

That makes a total of eight species. But wait, there's one more: a Cocoi Heron, the largest South American heron, photographed by @jpiolain in French Guyana.

If you're curious about this family of birds, you can check this link at anytime to see the updated list of Ardeidae observations for the current bioblitz.

PS: One more heron species just uploaded, this AM of Oct. 19th:
Tri-colored Heron, by @andrewmorgill in Port Aransas, Texas (USA).

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@dnisortiz I just want can you check something, that I am not from Venezuela but Dominican Repúblic.

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Gracias @dnisortiz, corregido. Saludos hasta República Dominicana!

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