T-minus 2 hours until the City Nature Challenge starts!

We're nearing the stroke of midnight, signaling the start of Friday, April 30 – and the start of the 6th annual City Nature Challenge! Though, technically, the City Nature Challenge will have actually started 19 hours earlier when it hit 12:00am in New Zealand - we're one of the last cities to start the City Nature Challenge, except for our two Hawaiian collaborators, Honolulu and Maui. Hopefully you've had the chance to check out the CNC 2021 umbrella project to see all the observations coming in from around the world!

Who will be the first in the Bay Area to make & upload an observation for CNC?! Anyone planning on staying up late to get some nocturnal species? Versus resting up and making sure you have lots of energy for a marathon observation day during daylight hours? :)

Regardless, we're so excited to see what everyone finds throughout the Bay Area over the next four days. Whether you're heading out on your own or participating in one of the many CNC events, we hope you enjoy spending a little time being outside, connecting to nature, and celebrating the incredible biodiversity of the Bay Area.

A huge THANK YOU in advance to everyone who makes observations, helps with IDs, gets the word out, and/or hosts an event for this year's CNC - it's this amazing community that makes the CNC what it is!

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