We've got t-shirts!

Yes, really, Gall Week 2021 t-shirts!
Get your own from - https://my-store-c0e6aa.creator-spring.com/
All (small) profits will be donated to iNaturalist.
Please leave your feedback in the comments.

Publicado el octubre 7, 2021 04:48 MAÑANA por merav merav


Nice. I bought mine!

Publicado por jeffdc hace casi 3 años

Awesome! I can't wait to get mine :)

Publicado por merav hace casi 3 años

Thanks for creating this awesome t-shirt, Merav. And for launching such a fun and wildly successful event.

In celebration of the success thus far, and to push for a final weekend rally, the Gallformers.org team would like to sponsor the purchase of a Gall Week 2021 t-shirt at the end of Gall Week for the following:

-Top 3 Observers
-Top 3 Species Observed
-Top 3 Identifiers

One prize will be awarded per individual for a total of 9 unique participants receiving a t-shirt. Final counts will be determined on 10/15/21 to allow participants time to post and identify observations that are added to the project.

We will reach out to the winners via iNat DM to coordinate size, color choice, and shipping address.

If you want to make a separate post mentioning this, please feel free to. I am unable to post outside of the comments.

Publicado por madily hace casi 3 años

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