This year has seen me reduce my working hours so after many years I finally have some free time outside the precious annual holiday weeks. Having spent Christmas in Bali, I will be travelling more this year and doing more diving and fish spotting. The next trip is next week to Bonaire in the Caribbean, so I will find out if it really lives up to it's name as "divers paradise".

The next scheduled trip is in July back to my old favourite of the Red Sea. Despite the press coverage, the Red Sea area still feels very safe when you get there and is still the number one destination for UK divers. I have got a week on a liveaboard visiting many of the famous wrecks in the North Red Sea and then a few days chilling out in a small resort with a lovely house reef.

We liked Bali so much that we are going back there for Christmas and New Year again but first we are taking a liveaboard trip around the Komodo national park.

I am hoping to sneak some more dive time in by visiting friends who have just bought a house in Spain, I'm sure they won't mind ....

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