Back from Bonaire

Back home now after an enjoyable trip to Bonaire - great to get away from the English winter. As it is only my third trip to the Caribbean I am still honing my id skills on a new set of fish but find it was fascinating that although the reefs are full of fish the biodiversity is much more limited than in the Indian or Pacific areas. Some old favourites just don't occur here like anenomefish and fusiliers whilst there are others which are not found outside this area.

They are doing a lot of work to restore the staghorn and elk coral destroyed by the hurricane and there are interesting structures for the coral nurseries on some dive sites.

I did see some of the invasive lionfish although most of the ones I saw were juveniles and did my bit for conservation by having a lovely meal of lionfish in a white wine sauce.

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And may I be the first to say congratulations on a wonderful dive and double that on your delicious lionfish dinner!

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