The White Tipped Black

This was one of my most talked about posts on Facebook and iNaturalist. It is a very interesting moth and a very beautiful one at that. The thing is I didn't know just how much of an oddity they are in the DFW area. It turns out that there are several of these around the DFW area and not only that but several species of southern insects have come up to Texas for some reason. It is very interesting to note but I think it might be El Nino just maybe but it is a baffling puzzle and very interesting. According to the range map I looked at from 2007 to see one up here is a real treat. On the iNaturalist map the sightings are few and few and far between. It is a very interesting thing but for one thing when I started to do get feed back what came to me as a shock was that this thing was not a butterfly at all but a moth and the other weird thing was the responses I got from Sambiology and several others. It is a very weird concept but as I started to do my research I started to find more about just how southern these guys live. They really shouldn't be up here I massive amounts like this. This is not an isolated incident. I don't know what this mass gathering is but there are several at Lake Arlington and several around the area it is interesting and very odd.

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Polilla Negra de Puntas Blancas Melanchroia chephise


Noviembre 2, 2016 02:22 PM CDT


This butterfly is one I have never seen before. It had a red body, dark wings, and on the wings it had white tips. It was surely an uncooperative little specimen. I had to chase it down to get a picture I have a few pictures I was able to snap. This thing was almost as hard to document as a Swallowtail butterfly; it was very skittish and if it spotted me it would run. I had to play a waiting game and a game of cat and mouse to get the photo. It was a very interesting color and a very pretty creature. The body really stood out and was almost blood red with an orangy tint to it. Its flight pattern was erratic and one thing about it; it a very fast flier to keeping up with it was nearly impossible. I am so glad I am able to show you this specimen after the workout it gave me. There were several like this one flying all around Lake Arlington's shore and they were all the same with their behavior but the outcome was worth the runaround.


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