May 26 - Whoosh!

What a difference a week makes.

Now at 73 species for the year and a sunny warm holiday weekend coming up. We should end up with a good month of May and great start to the 2023 season. Our RG observation count is over 2,500, from 187 observers in 74 counties.

We have several new early flight dates and a number of new County Records. All good.

Still getting new observations on Springtime Darner (keep that up).

Maybe interesting only to me - there was a point a week ago when we had more observations of Rusty Snaketail than we did Eastern Pondhawk. Note that is now longer the case - but a good season for Rusties.

It's Clubtail time, 10 species with observations. Look for tenerals in meadow areas next to waterways.

Skimmer species and observation numbers will be picking up quickly.

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