Some information for BC Master Melittologists that may be of interest.

There is a tutorial 0n the iNaturalist Forum that will help members of the BC Master Melittologist project add observations to the project.
Adding Observations to a Traditional Project - Wiki
Traditional Projects such as the BC Master Melittologist project require the user to manually add observations to the Project. There are a few ways to add observations to a Traditional Project.

This tutorial covers:
Adding to a Traditional Project from individual observations
Adding to a Traditional Project from the Uploader
Adding batch observations to a Traditional Project
Using the Uploader for Traditional Projects requiring fields
By all means, if you need a little more information on adding observations contact @bobmcd by direct message through iNaturalist.

Projects that may be of interest to look up related observations or ones of interest:

NBSBC Bee Tracker
Associated plants for BC native Bees
World Wasps and allies
Flower-Visiting Wasps of the World
VI Pests Pollinators and Beneficials
Bee Parasites and Pathogens

You can use searches to help you look for target bees and target hosts together.
You can use additional URL searches to look for overlapping species . In this example this is a map of the different Death Camas species observations and the Death Camas Mining Bee. You can probably see that the taxa identifications numbers are used in the URL - they can be found out when you look up specific taxa, they appear at the end of the URL with the species binomial name.,59087,79380,181071,61830,49649,61194,79379,79378#6/47.567/-118.144

This next example is Prunus Miner and Ninebarks:,57667#6/48.985/-118.776

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