My first hike - Napa Oak Woodlands - Example for Module 1 journal.

My first hike was an oak woodland in my neighborhood. It was green after the rain. A few wildflowers were blooming, and I know them to be common early spring wildflowers. This woodland was in the hills and so the organisms had to deal with steep slopes to get from one place to another.

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I hiked in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach CA. I observed biotic factors like birds, plants and animals. There were numerous types of insects in the area. I saw a bunny hiding in the bushes.
I also saw abiotic components like inner and outer Bolsa Bays in the reserve. The full tidal bay to the Pacific Ocean was the area where more birds. You could also see the low tide rocky areas.

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I went to East Shore Trail and I saw lots of trees and plants I never saw before. Many of the trees were cut down due to fires, on purpose, or for some other reason. The flowers i saw were beautiful. side of the trail was similar to redwoods because there were remains of trees that were burnt or cut down. I observed biotic factors like birds and plants. I would say that this trail has lots of plants and trees.

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For this first hike I went to the estuaries at the Hayward Regional Shoreline and trekked the Bill Lockyer Trail from the shoreline center to the Winton parking lot. It was a clear and sunny day with lots of people also walking and biking along the trail. Despite the abundance of people there were plenty of birds such as geese and egrets out and about. There were even some squirrels chilling in burrows and atop some rocks. The plants were many but most of the ones along the trail seemed decaying or dehydrated. What captivated me the most was the abundance of Bermuda buttercups mostly bunched near the coastlines. I haven’t seen so much yellow at the estuaries before. The estuaries overall seemed lively, marshy, and swampy.

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