Letters: Protect newts.

As a herpetologist, I’m deeply troubled by Santa Clara County’s failure to fix the massive newt roadkill problem on Alma Bridge Road. Community scientists have revealed that more than 5,000 Pacific newts were killed there in 2019-2020 by cars and bikes.


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Oh no! I will write Santa Clara county. Is there something else we can do?

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Yes, meet my friend: @truthseqr , Anne!

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I grew up in Santa Clara County and care about those newts. If there are letters to be written, petitions to be circulated, or people to be educated, it would be a pleasure to support the work.

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@merav, @tyap, what can people do to help save the newts? Will it help to write the Santa Clara County Supervisors yet again?

@robinellison, @ten_salamanders, here is our umbrella project. Tiffany's letter references the roadkill count for the 2019-2020 migration season. We've been collecting roadkill data at Lexington Reservoir since 2017 and the total death toll is now 14,000+ and counting.


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from time to time we need help writing letters or speaking at public meetings, such as Midpen's board meetings. We should also start speaking at county supervisors' meetings. I've done it once. It would be great to have other people who are interested.

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I have written and requested a response. Will let you know if I hear something back.

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