Congratulations to us, Bay Area - for the first time ever, we won the City Nature Challenge! And we won in high fashion, taking first for number of observations, species, and participants!

Diving deeper into the results for the Bay Area, 94% of observations submitted were verifiable, meaning that they had both a photo or sound AND were not marked captive or cultivated. By the time the numbers were pulled at 9 a.m. this morning, 50% of those observations had made it to Research Grade - a big thank you to our identifiers!!! Compared to last year's City Nature Challenge, even though this year's was one day shorter, we made almost double the observations we did last year, found close to 1000 more species, and had 2.5 times more people participate this year!

Congratulations to our top observer AND species-finder, @sea-kangaroo! @dpom and @damontighe also made it onto the top 5 for both lists. Our other top observers were @lemurdillo, @merav, and @wbsimey, and on the rest of the list for finding the most species are @catchang, @mrchasse, and @leftcoastnaturalist. We also want to thank our top identifiers: @graysquirrel made almost 3000 IDs, with @farinosa close behind with nearly 2000 IDs! @catchang, @boschniakia, @kueda, and @dshell all made over 1000 IDs - amazing! Big thanks to all of them (we'll be in touch about prizes) and equally big thanks to EVERYONE who got out and made observations and helped with identifying observations for the SF Bay Area City Nature Challenge this year!

And importantly, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the people and organizations who held events in the Bay Area for this year's City Nature Challenge - we were able to offer more than 20 public events, where people could learn how to use iNaturalist, meet other people, and document a ton of species together. Building our local naturalist community is extremely important to us and is one of the main goals of the City Nature Challenge, so thanks to everyone who helped out, and a big WELCOME to all of the people new to iNaturalist who jumped in this year for the City Nature Challenge!

Looking at the impact overall, this year's City Nature Challenge was AMAZING! Almost 70 cities around the world, all mobilizing their residents and visitors to go out and find and document their local nature. The energy and enthusiasm for the City Nature Challenge was once again amazing- watching hundreds of thousands of observations flow in from around the world was truly inspiring. Our collective impact was obvious and incredible - we also gave iNaturalist its biggest 4 days in a row EVER!

Here are the results of the City Nature Challenge (as of 9:00 a.m., May 4 in each city’s time zone):
All 68 cities together:
Observations: 441,888
People: 17,329

All 63 cities using iNaturalist:
Observations: 423,845
Species: 18,116
People: 16,544

Here's the top five in each category:
San Francisco Bay Area: 41,737
Dallas/Fort Worth Area: 34,218
San Diego County: 33,448
Klang Valley / Greater Kuala Lumpur: 25,287
Washington- D.C. Metro Area: 22,800

San Francisco Bay Area: 3,211
Houston Area: 3,088
San Diego County: 2,946
Hong Kong SAR: 2,932
Dallas/Fort Worth Area: 2,560

San Francisco Bay Area: 1,532
San Diego County: 1,211
Boston: 992
Washington- D.C. Metro Area: 872
Los Angeles County: 855

...and some more results...
All together we also made 4,075 Research Grade observations of 599 rare, endangered, and threatened species globally, and added over 100 new species that had not previously been recorded on iNaturalist EVER!
City with highest percentage of verifiable observations: Tulsa, Oklahoma with 98.9%
City with highest percentage of verifiable observations making it to Research Grade: Cádiz, Spain with 70.5%
City that added the most new species to their region on iNaturalist through the City Nature Challenge: Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley), Malaysia with 1392 new species documented on iNaturalist
City that added the most new iNaturalist participants to their region through the City Nature Challenge: San Diego, California with 733 new observers added during the City Nature Challenge

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Big congrats to everyone who got out and found some fantastic stuff. I wasn't able to get out due to life things getting in the way but going through a lot of the sightings was amazing. Everyone did a great job.

Publicado por vermfly hace casi 6 años

This was amazing! What a weekend! What a sweet victory. We are the Golden State Eco-Warriors!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 6 años

@kestrel thank you for leading this effort, keeping us informed, and cheering us on. I had a blast and was incredibly moved by the enthusiasm and participation this year. I learned so much! Can't wait for the next one!

Publicado por ocean_beach_goth hace casi 6 años

Thanks for participating, everyone! It's truly amazing what we can do when we work together.
If you're interested in diving even deeper into the results, feel free to check out this results spreadsheet:

Publicado por kestrel hace casi 6 años

Might it be possible to take the left-over stickers, stamp them "WINNER!" and distribute them to members of this project? Just an idea!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 6 años

Sure Jennifer @gyrrlfalcon - what address should we use to send you the stickers? So cool that you have a WINNER! stamp - do you use it for your best student papers too? ;) :) :)

Publicado por kestrel hace casi 6 años

I don't have such a stamp! We'll have to make one!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 6 años

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