BioBlitz results!

Thank you for joining the Coyote Creek Fall BioBlitz! People are still uploading observations, but for now, we can share a few findings: some groups saw male Desert Tarantula wondering around. This is the time of the year when the males are looking for mates. They will try to mate with a few females, and die afterwards. Females can live for many years (decades!). It was nice to see so much water in the creek, which is mostly dry north of Coyote Valley. We documented some aquatic invertebrates, including mayfly, caddisfly, and dragonfly larva, all of which have flying adults, in addition to snails, worms, and others. Many bird species were active today, including at least one Golden Eagle, Bluebirds, and many Jays. Please return to this project later to see what others have documented -

And a few other links:
If you’d like to learn more about the Coyote Creek Watershed, please join us this Monday (tomorrow) for a webinar here -
I will present some of our many findings at this meeting, including the new Coyote Creek Biodiversity Project -
And one last thing - I hope you enjoyed watching some galls today. Please join us for the first Gall Week! You can learn more about it here -

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