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22 de septiembre de 2020

What to do About These Projects?

I made three of these five projects (Mammals, Herps, and Fishes) before the alive/dead annotations were added as a feature to iNat. Now that annotations exist, these projects don't serve any real purpose. I don't plan on deleting them, but I also don't plan on adding my own observations to them, or managing them in any other way. If somebody else would like to own the three aforementioned projects and the umbrella, I'd be glad to hand them off. If anyone has any other suggestions on what to do with them, I'd be glad to listen

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21 de abril de 2018

Welcome to Dead Animals!

Welcome to Dead Animals, a new umbrella project collecting Dead Birds, Dead Herps, and Dead Mammals together. Right now, the project is having a problem where it is collecting all bird, herp, and mammal observations, not just the ones in the aforementioned projects. I'll be trying to find a way to fix that.

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