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27 de septiembre de 2022

A helpful link to identify Overberg observations

We ask your expert help to id our observations. In September alone we had 4 get ready for GSB practice outings - Greyton in Theewaterskloof, Suiderstrand & Carruthers hill in Bredasdorp county and Klipfontein in Swellendam county.

Yes, Overberg covers 2 counties (Bredasdorp & Swellendam) and the municipal area of Theewaterskloof. It can be tedious to identify each of these areas separately, so here is one link to find all the observations in the Overberg that need id's at once. You can then further refine your search by selecting the filter for dates, taxa etc.
Here is the link: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?place_id=48632,48663,181829

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22 de septiembre de 2022

We need your identifiable observations in the wild

If you haven’t bioblitzed before, this is a gentle nudge to encourage you to make identifiable observations of plants and animals in the wild that have photos, location and dates. We are also interested in plants and animals gone wild - observations of weeds, alien invasives, and wild organisms are extremely useful.

Most cities will include observations of non-wild organisms during the GSB. However, it’s very important to mark those observations as captive/cultivated. By joining the Great Southern Bioblitz 28 – 31 Oct we can discover where the wild things are.

Aim for research grade observations:
Every observation with photos, location and dates gets automatically placed in the "Needs ID" category so people who are looking for observations to identify will find them. Observations without those three things are not eligible for "Research Grade" status and get placed in the "Casual" category, since identifiers probably won't be able to help if there's no photo or location. So, the key to getting things identified is to record identifiable observations!

Tips for making identifiable observations:

How to add an observation(s) on a smartphone or computer? https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/video+tutorials#identify

Then enjoy like this guy: - https://youtu.be/1-LjzKx-u9g

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05 de septiembre de 2022

Crew Overberg September practice GSB outings:

Join us as we iNat together, to learn faster and connect better with our Fynbos landscapes. If you want to become a member of CREW Overberg, contact Ian Fortuin 083 357 4132

  • 7 SEP at 9h00, SUIDERSTRAND
    2km flat walk to the best flowers in Dune and Strandveld vegetations. Meet at beach parking (RSVP Geoff Nichols 083 628 3945)

  • 10 SEP at 9h00, L’AGULHAS PRIVATE NR
    Limestone and Strandveld Fynbos flowers (Emm de Kock 072 601 6168)

    Easy 4km botanical walk in Overberg Sandstone. Meet at 9h00 at herbarium building on Kortmark street Pearly Beach (RSVP Charleen 073 610 3824)

  • 24 to 25 SEP, KLIPFONTEIN Farm, SW of Swellendam
    Document the vegetation in this area. We will have to see what we find, possibly Sonderend Sandstone Fynbos/Breede Shale Renosterveld? Overnight accommodation can be arranged. (Contact Willemien 082 564 5911)

    Drive and walk up the mountain and see Overberg Sandstone and Elim Ferricrete. (RSVP Ina 083 266 7652)

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14 de agosto de 2022

Important dates for Crew Overberg

Crew Overberg is organizing more practice outings as types of mini-bioblitzes ahead of the Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB): 28 to 31 October. The challenge will be to document as many as possible species during the 4 days of the GSB at the end of October on iNaturalist. These practice outings will help you get ready for GSB in a relaxed and fun but practical way using iNat. There will be iNat help and Crew members will start getting ready to identify species from different vegetation types ahead of the GSB.

Keep in mind the aim of the GSB - increasing data for conservation to measure change. If you want to become a member of Crew Overberg contact Ian Fortuin - 083 357 4132


20 AUG at 9h00, SWELLENDAM:
Botanical climb up Marloth, meet at NG Kerk in Voortrek street (RSVP Willemien 082 564 5911)

Meet at Greyton Lodge. (RSVP Helen Smyth 072 134 1665)

2km flat walk to the best flowers. Meet at beach parking (RSVP Geoff Nichols 083 628 3945)

Limestone and Strandveld Fynbos flowers (Emm de Kock 072 601 6168)

Easy flat 4km walk in Sandstone Fynbos. (Limited numbers, RSVP Charleen 073 610 3824)

Contact Willemien 082 564 5911

Contact Ina 083 266 7652


19-20 AUG at Grootbos (s.coutriers@sanbi.org.za)
7-8 OCT at Aan die Eike, Swellendam (wilharst@gmail.com)


26 & 27 AUG 9h00 - 16h00
Agulhas Heritage assoc to Soutbosch (More info dekockemma@gmail.com)

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10 de agosto de 2022

FEEDBACK on iNat practice events for GSB Overberg

Crew Overberg had 3 events in July - Barrydale, Haarwegskloof Reserve (HWK) and Sandberg Fynbos Reserve. All events received positive feedback on social media but how did these events really do?

The numbers:

• 44 people joined the events - Barrydale (12), HWK (12), Sandberg (20)
• 14 were new iNat users - Barrydale (9), Sandberg (5)

• 17 people uploaded observations onto iNat - Barrydale (5), HWK (3), Sandberg (9)
• 4 newbies uploaded observations onto iNat - Barrydale (2), Sandberg (2)

• 65 Identifiers helped to identify species
• 39% of observations were identified to research grade

It was very much about creating opportunities for people to become more comfortable with using iNaturalist and also finding suitable venues for the upcoming GSB in October

• 16 JULY: Willemien de Wet organized the BARRYDALE event. The focus was on finding new people – 9 of the 12 participants had never used iNaturalist before and botanizing was also a new thing for them. Flora Cameron, however had many years of botanizing experience and took the group to a small patch of land that was brimming with diversity. There was much to be learnt about plants and iNat. Willemien followed up and assisted where possible. Everyone is now looking forward to the Swellendam BotSoc/GSB biolblitz day with Tony Rebelo 7-8 October (contact Willemien 082 564 5911)
• 23 JULY: Ina Georgala organized the HAARWEGSKLOOF event. The aim was to open a window into the workings of the reserve’s renowned research centre and herbarium. Afterwards, intern Nandé Notyalwa took the group to see special Renosterveld patches to make observations. This super cool reserve with its rich biodiversity was very much enjoyed by this group of iNaturalists.
• 28 JULY: Charleen Brunke organized the SANDBERG event. An interesting mix of people were included: 5 new iNat users, 15 experienced iNat users from Crew Overberg (7), Crew Cape Town (6) and visitors from Overstrand (2). Ismail Ebrahim (from CREW SANBI) gave helpful practical fieldwork tips and the newbies found themselves carried along by Crew members at this great venue. Afterwards, assistance was given to newbies with uploading observations.

How did these events do?

• All events gave ample opportunity to people to improve their iNat observation skills.
• Where possible, New iNat users were afterwards helped in person with uploads onto the platform.
• It is uncertain why most people did not upload observations. It could be that their iNat skills are already sufficient and are waiting for the real thing: GSB 28-31 October.

How can we improve?

• We need to get more observations to research grade. If you are an experienced iNat observer, confident and able to make identifications of species that you know well, then please take the next step and help with identifications.
• If you are a new iNat user, we encourage you to watch these helpful iNaturalist videos and tutorials https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/video+tutorials

Also read about Crew Overberg on our Facebook Group: Southern Overberg Citizen Scientists here https://www.facebook.com/groups/505495607943867

Big thanks to Crew Overberg for supporting GSB Overberg!!

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11 de julio de 2022

Crew Overberg iNat practice sessions for GSB

Crew Overberg is using every opportunity this winter to get out in nature to practice their iNaturalist skills. ‘Spring is going to be a busy time, so we want to prepare ourselves by making the most of winter,’ says BotSoc Crew Overberg organizer Ian Fortuin.

Crew members help monitor and conserve our rare and endangered indigenous wild flowers by contributing their iNat observations to the various Projects of the South African Redlist of Plant and Animal species.

IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF CREW OVERBERG - WhatsApp Ian Fortuin on 083 357 4132.


16 JULY at 9h00, BARRYDALE
Easy botanical walk, we meet 8h30 at NG Kerk at Barrydale (RSVP Willemien 082 564 5911)

Visit the herbarium, the new learning centre and a precious piece of Renosterveld, bring snacks and drinks along (RSVP Ina 083 266 7652)

Bring a picnic lunch to share in the garden. Afterwards, we will botanize a promising area that was burned last year (RSVP Charleen 073 610 3824)

13 AUG at 9h00, KALI’S FARM
North of Baardskeerdersbos, (RSVP Vera 063 075 3333)

20 AUG at 9h00, SWELLENDAM
Botanical walk climbing up Marloth, meet at NG Kerk in Voortrek street (RSVP Willemien 082 564 5911)

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08 de julio de 2022

When experts join the platform

Thomas Mesaglio inspired many of us, ‘When experts join the iNaturalist platform they are able to identify more species accurately. Citizen scientists then begin to learn how to make identifications of those particular species. With this new knowledge, citizen scientists themselves start to make better identifications independently of the experts. They become more enthused and make more observations of those particular species, and they end up making better observations. Experts are able to say to observers which features of a particular species must be photographed and where it can be found. This improves the quality of the data as a whole, which incentivises more experts to join iNat.

A common reason for experts not engaging with the platform is that for some taxa the quality can be low and there are often misidentifications which deter experts. But, as data improves experts are more likely to join iNat, which in turn improves the data, which in turn makes more experts join. It is called the positive feedback loop – where experts join and data quality just gets better and better, and iNat data is going from strength to strength.'

Here is the link to Thomas Mesaglio’s full presentation. He also talks about how he has used iNat data for own scientific papers: https://www.greatsouthernbioblitz.org/post/thomas-mesagli-s-how-to-explore-nature-inspires-sandy-clearly-south-african

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25 de mayo de 2022

Invitation to join the Great Southern Bioblitz in the Overberg

It is exciting that the CNC Southern Overberg area has been extended into the larger Overberg for the upcoming Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) from 28-31 October 2022. It now more or less includes Overberg District without the Overstrand.

We invite all new GSB enthusiasts and all past Southern Overberg City Nature Challenge (CNC) members and participants to join our first GSB project in the Overberg.

But first, read the scope of this GSB project. If you want to stay informed about our future plans, then click on join to become a member. Also click on membership and select to receive project journal notifications.

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