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Hi Everyone!
nobody has found a Pionosomus varius for a while, so I think it's time to choose a new target species.
@carnifex suggested in that I could try and find a Similar Fruit Fly (Drosophila simulans), and I thought that would be a good next target. D. simulans looks very similar to D. melanogaster, and a good photo of the abdomen of a male is needed for a species ID. @carnifex could go through our Drosophila observations to help find photos of D. simulans. Here's the best iNat photo of that species, to give you an idea of what they look like:

I've also got a question for the members of this project; Should we leave the Pionosomus varius challenge open, and have this as a second challenge at the same time, or should we close the other one down?

Good luck finding a Drosophila simulans,

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@carnifex @inasiebert @jakob @jansson @martingrimm @mobbini @mister_bumble @lovesdaryl just letting all the project members know :D

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like the idea of a new challenge species a lot. Might be difficult to find Pionosomus varius in the autumn and winter. Thanks a lot for taking action!

I think whomever finds a Pionosomus varius next year shall get an honourable mention, but the e-Cup is given out now only for Drosophila simulans :)

What do the others think?

What about the new target species? Can I improve my chances to find him by some or other fruit in the kitchen?

Cheers to all

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Publicado por mobbini hace 10 meses (Marca)

Sorry for not-taking-part in the challenge actually. Little time on the computer, very little observation range - but still love to be outside more than sitting in front of the computer (never had 200 unpublished photos on the computer before...)

I thought about the project: My primary intention was to improve the observation of rare or difficult to find species. It is not necessary to have only one target species. What would you think about a "bucket list" or something like this?

Cheers and keep observing, Martin.

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Just some little input about how find the target species:

The fly is attracted to the same food sources as its sibling species D. melanogaster. One difference, however, is that it does not like to enter buildings. Chances are much higher to find it on the balcony or in the garden (I could elaborate more on why this is the case, but will leave it as is for the moment). Right now is the best time finding fruit flies. In my traps, the target species outmatches D. melanogaster in numbers.

Only males are usually reliably identifiable, and only from lateral shots, where the male abdominal ending is visible. Just shoot at every fly you see :-)

@martingrimm Maybe we could come up with a bucket list over the cold and dark winter days. Maybe we can add one new species every month or so? And about the intention of this challenge, I feel that D. simulans is one of the most underrepresented species on iNat, given its worldwide distribution and its frequency.

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@carnifex: I just wanted to say I wouldn't delete any target species. And everybody should list interesting species.
Unfortunately, we have a lot of moths in our flat - but almost no Drosophila. But I will check every fly I find ;).

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so, we finally reached November. Should we add another hard to find (winter-)species on the target list?

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I'd be up for that - does anyone have an idea what?

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I'm also open for any ideas! – but have no winter species inspiration :-/

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Wie wärs mit dem Winterhaft Boreus hyemalis? Ich habe ihn noch nie gesehen, aber es wäre eine selten beobachtete Art und die adulten Tiere sind nur im Winter zu beobachten. Hier ein paar Infos dazu

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Ein toller Vorschlag! Ich hatte die bisher immer nur in alpine Regionen verortet, wusste nicht dass die so weit verbreitet sind.

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Gute idee, die art werde ich zur liste auf der projektseite hinzufügen.

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Oh ja, fantastisch!

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