Two new target species

Hi and happy new year to everyone,

just as a short note, we've added to new target species in the last weeks:

Informations about it (in german):
Can be found:
- on mosses: Hylocomium splendens, Pleurozium schreberi, Hedwigia albicans, Polytrichum piliferum and Grimmia sp.
- from October til March

- lives very short time and is very tiny
- only 3 iNat records so far
- how does it look like? Check out this obs by alexis_orion:
- it is now part of Tortula (


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I want to add another suggestion - in addition to the 'winter challenge' - as it can run throughout the year, not being confined to a season:
A sad story, that this species is qualified for this challenge at all: Find Adalia bipunctata.
Once very common, it might be on the brink of extinction in the near future.

I also want to ask you to check out this project I created:
So please test out the usabilty by adding some suitable observations, but before adding too many, I wanted to hear some feedback about whether something should be changed, and if all important categories of animal-plant connections are included (something like Myrmekophylaxis is not important for Europe, I guess). Cheers!

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Oh yes, sad story and worthy candidate. Thanks for the suggestion of Adalia bipunctata. I will add it in the project description. @alexis_orion: I also wonder if one technically can add a filter to the project, so that new observations in Germany of one of the target species will automatically come in?

And thanks for creating this interesting project. For gulls I have been using a lot, and I can imagine that with some time running, your project can grow as helpful.

1) Few notes on the project guide/terms & rules from reading
- "For the animal, 3 observation fields should be filled out; for the plant, 2 observation fields should be filled out": maybe it would be good to name the required observation fields already here?
- "In addition to the required field": I think you mean this field here: "Plant-Animal Interactions: Link to associated observations"?, but am not sure. Maybe it also can be named in the guide (or maybe my mind is only lazy in the evening ;-/)

2) Regarding the field name "Plant-Animal Interactions: Link to associated observations". If not too late, maybe it could be changed to an existing field from here: (for example: Associated observation text full http:// url of an associated observation), so that the used fields are not arbitrary to the project. (Not that "Associated observation 2, 3, 4" are already other field-options too ... :-( – the observation fields one can choose from would need a general combining and tidying up from IT I guess. So maybe one additional field does not matter anyhow on the other side).


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ahhh, I only understand now, in testing, that to each observation field drop-down-menues belong that are specific to the project. So maybe one of the existing could have been used, maybe not.

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and here my for the time final newbie notes:
- after adding the required fields one by one on the observation page, and not seeing them appear in the project page, I tested the "add to project" button. New for me: a context menue appears, that is asking for all missing fields, which is comfortable. Maybe a hint in the terms & rules could be added "the easiest way to add the required observation fields is to click at "add to project". All required fields will be asked in the context menue"., in case more project-inexperienced users like me would like to contribute to the project

- I tested it with &; After adding it, (the project appeared as linked on the observation pages immediately), there was a lag of some minutes before the observation appeared in the project page (even after reloading ;-) ). I do not know if this is normal, if so, maybe a little note could be given on the project page, regarding site performance.

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Thanks for this, @mobbini, very helpful, because as the creator, some fields are different for me, or are already there.
Tried to implement the suggestions.

I will not change any observation fields now, as then all the old observations would have to be manually changed

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you're welcome

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@mobbini "I also wonder if one technically can add a filter to the project, so that new observations in Germany of one of the target species will automatically come in?"
for that we'd need a date restricted collection project for each of the target species, and an umbrella project that encompasses all of those - it's possible, but I'm fine with just keeping it a traditional project...

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oha! Yes indeed, with your explanation in mind I feel very comfortable with this one traditional project :-)

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Unfortunately, Pottia has been merged into the genus Tortula

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Oh, that's really unfortunate, and without asking us (;-) ). I added the taxon change in the short description above, so that it puzzles hopefully no one

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@carnifex this looks like Adalia bipunctata to me, but not sure. Can you have a look?

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the pattern doesn't look quite right, but I'm not sure.

Publicado por alexis_orion hace 20 días (Marca)

the white spots on the pronotum should be more posterior in Adalia

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thanks for information, so we'll keep our eyes open for the next Adalia :)

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looks good.

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Schön dass es den in Berlin noch häufiger gibt. Würd auch gerne mal einen sehen

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