Federal Administrative Court Decision on Forestry inside Leipzig Riverside Forest Area

there is still a bit "hick and hack" regarding the interpretation what the Decision of the Federal Administrative Court Leipzig exactly means for future forestry actions (and I couldn't find any source from the Court itself yet), but the bottom line is that in a lawsuite by Nukla (Naturschutz und Kunst – Leipziger Auwald e.V.) vs. the City of Leipzig, Nukla won.

The lawsuit was against a planned clearcutting inside the Special Area of Conservation of the Leipziger Auwald. While Forestry will still be allowed in the Leipzig Riverside Forest, the Forestry plans will have to be checked stricter for Environmental Compatibility.

Some information found in the web on the matter (all in German):

Does anybody know more about it?

Publicado por mobbini mobbini, 22 de junio de 2020


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