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11 de diciembre de 2020

observation field: Animal traces & annotation group: Life stage

Hi there,

today I experienced that I need some additional search options in order to find specific observations of my own, and created an observation field in order to filter the search for animal traces. Maybe some of you might want to use it as well, so I thought I share it here ;-)

Note that there are no values for eggs, larval stage cocoons and so on, as they can be searched for with the life stage annotations.
  • &term_id= 1 (for annotation group life stage)
  • &term_value_id= - the value within the group, e.g. 2=Adult, 3=Teneral, 4=Pupa, 5=Nymph, 6=Larva, 7=Egg, 8=Juvenile, 16=Subimago
  • only for observations stuck in higher taxa ID where wanted life stage annotation is not available, I added a value: lifestageannot pending
Happy for hints for missing options in this observation field. Have fun tracking traces! Cheers Monika
Appendix: url click list with value names & short explanation in brackets, which is not part of the actual value Observation field: Animal traces Life stage annotations

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