Extended Running Contest Deadline of August 1, 2023

Just an update that the running contest dates based on the submission of photographs to iNaturalist will be extended to August 1, 2023 in the interest of giving a fair shake to as many participants (new and old) as possible. As a reminder, small prizes, including gift vouchers from local dive providers (Sydney Dive Charters, Dive Centre Bondi, PRO DIVE ALexandria) and restaurants (Clove Lane, Randwick), will be awarded to top users at each of the three sites in the categories below, on or just after August 1, 2023.
Archival Photos: eligibility period based on photos taken prior to June 1, 2022. This category is particularly well suited to avid snorkelers, SCUBA divers, and underwater photographers that regularly visit one or all three of the sites in southern Sydney Harbour.
*New Photo Submissions: eligibility period based on photos taken between October 15, 2022 and August 1, 2023. This category is well suited to anyone with a keen eye and underwater camera!
*Note that the contest for “New Photo Submissions” at Shark Beach will only start when it reopens to the public due to current lack of access.
This journal post was written by project leader and iNaturalist member, joseph_dibattista Dr Joseph DiBattista.
Publicado el marzo 21, 2023 01:19 MAÑANA por joseph_dibattista joseph_dibattista


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