2nd Nature Neighbor - a squirrel!

Today, try and find a squirrel in your yard or near your home, and post it to our project!

Posted on 02 de abril de 2020 by merav merav


Too easy. Read today's nature neighbor, walked over to the window overlooking my deck, and there it was!

Publicado por leslie_flint hace casi 3 años (Marca)

Awesome, Leslie!
We'll start with some easy one, then we'll have some more difficult ones. Maybe the sausage gall? :)

Publicado por merav hace casi 3 años (Marca)

We don't need a sausage fest during SIP!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 3 años (Marca)


Publicado por merav hace casi 3 años (Marca)

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