Relict Species

So far E. missouriensis has been found in six separate small, relatively inaccessible areas in city parklands along Yellowhouse Canyon. This suggests these were not planted by human agency but are a relict species, survivors in remote places of a population that was more common and widespread before farming, ranching, and urban development. When I first found the species at Mackenzie Park Wilds I imagined they might have descended from cacti planted there, a view I have since discarded.

Are they found farther up or down the canyon? I have looked for the species at Lubbock Lake Landmark, along the edges of the Buddy Holly Recreation Area and east of Hell's Gate but have not found any. It is possible that I overlooked them. Others are invited to join in the search, which is easier when these cacti are blooming.

Publicado por thebark thebark, 26 de marzo de 2020


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