Update - Heading into October

Daylight hours are retreating quickly now, but there's still some sunshine. It seems many things have been late this season, I'm wondering if this will extend our Odonata flight also - maybe?

We have made progress on targets, both numbers and county species. Species diversity is connected to observations, which means people and days in the field. Here's a mapping of where we need observers. The blue counties are where we have fewer than 100 observations for 2023. The green counties are where we have the fewest number of total observations in the OOS database. Each plus sign means a need of 100 observations - so Monroe needs around 300 new records, etc. The blue/green counties that don't have a plus only need 25 or so to hit our minimum. We'll do what we can! Thanks to all the contributors.

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This project is to update information on the distribution and abundance of Ohio dragonflies and damselflies. It is an update from the first Ohio Odonata Survey which ran from 1991 to 2000.

The first survey was entirely based up museum specimens, new collections of specimens, and published articles in peer reviewed journals. Photography has advanced greatly since then, and this site ...más ↓

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