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July comes to an end...

Over 5500 observations submitted to iNat from 250+ observers. Our biggest month ever by quite a margin, and more than double the July 2017 numbers.

On the year, 10,700+ observations submitted, 9500 of which are Research Grade. Already past our numbers for last year.

Counties with low numbers on the year so far - 20 or fewer observations, the first three still in single digits.

Scioto [Shawnee State Park and Forest]
Jefferson [Brush Creek Wilderness Area, Fernwood State Forest, Friendship Park]
Pike [Cave Lake Park, Lake White (north end), Pike Lake State Park]
Noble [Wolf Run State Park, Ales Run Wildlife Area, Caldwell Lake]
Holmes [Lake Buckthorn, Lower Killbuck Creek Wildlife Area, Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area]
Williams [Fish Creek Wildlife Area, Lake La Su An Wildlife Area, Nettle Lake, Riverside Cemetery]
Perry [ Perry State Forest, New Lexington Reservoirs, Lake Saint Joseph, Clouse Lake]
[Thus, these are good counties to try to visit!]
[Brackets are comments added by MaLisa]

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