7/24 - 2022 County-Complete

Completing Species/County datasets

Countdown for County-Complete for 2022. Species, followed by current county number, then needed counties.

Blue Dasher (87); Wyandot
Fragile Forktail (87); Adams
Common Whitetail (83); Gallia, Morgan, Paulding, Putnam, Vinton
Eastern Pondhawk (83); Gallia, Knox, Paulding, Seneca, Wyandot
Eastern Forktail (82); Adams, Athens, Columbiana, Gallia, Lawrence, Scioto
Widow Skimmer (82); Defiance, Highland, Paulding, Union, Van Wert, Vinton
Eastern Amberwing (74); Adams, Athens, Columbiana, Defiance, Gallia, Greene, Knox, Paulding, Pike, Scioto, Trumbull, Van Wert, Wood, Wyandot

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Highland Widow Skimmer - check! 127753987

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Gallia County-Eastern Pondhawk, Eastern Amberwing completed over the weekend
Vinton County- Widow Skimmer, Common Whitetail completed.
Scioto County- Eastern Amberwing done. Still needs eastern forktail.
Lawrence County- Eastern Forktail taken care of.

That leaves:
BLue Dasher-Wyandot
Common Whitetail- Morgan, Paulding, Putnam
Eastern Pondhawk- Knox, Paulding, Wyandot
Eastern Forktail-Athens, Scioto
Widow Skimmer-Defiance, Paulding, Union, VanWert
Eastern Amberwing- Athens, Defiance, Greene, Knox, Paulding, Pike, Trumbull, VanWert, Wood, Wyandot

I haunt the south east portions of Ohio where I can take advantage of free camping or the near midwest, closer to a drive from home. That puts Columbiana and Seneca, probably Morgan within my scope of counties.

Happy dragon hunting!

Got confused and had credited EFT and CWT in Gallia. Edited this comment to reflect the adjustment.

Eastern Pondhawk-Seneca
Update 8/24/21 Based on my wanderings. Research in the data base may find additional observations.

Gallia Common Whitetail very elusive. Especially elusive when one forgets to add observations. Good to go now.

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Columbiana-Eastern Forktail and Eastern amberwing complete
Morgan-could NOT find a whitetail in AEP/Jessee Owens area

Edited previous comment to reflect odes still needed.

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