Jan 5 - 2022 Species Info

2022 Flight Range Expansion

One of the things we keep track of is the range of days that a species is seen in Ohio. We call this the flight range, this helps know when we should expect to start (or stop) looking for a species. By keeping track, when can also have some insight to on-going changes. We had 22 changes to our species flight range in 2022. 13 new early flight dates, 9 new late flight dates. Interesting to me is the two instances (Dragonhunter and Rubyspot) where we had same day observations at different ends of the state.

Species New Early New Late iNat User County
Dragonhunter 2-Jun lgilbert Geauga
beaton422 Montgomery
Handsome Clubtail 22-Jul jimlem Miami
Elusive Clubtail 23-Oct lundbergj, dtibbetts Hamilton
Flag-tailed Spinyleg 12-Jun srmyers Hancock
Black-shouldered Spinyleg 21-Sep jimlem Hocking
Eastern Least Clubtail 20-May lundbergj Adams
Comet Darner 11-May smwhite Montgomery
Common Green Darner 6-Mar smwhite Montgomery
Royal River Cruiser 11-Jun lthies Hamilton
Gilded River Cruiser 11-Jun srmyers Hancock
Little Blue Dragonlet 29-May jackieriley Lucas
Blue Corporal 1-Jul spider_wanderer Delaware
Golden-winged Skimmer 25-Jul s0428bugs Franklin
Great Blue Skimmer 20-May lmillerua, lisaclairmiller Franklin
Band-winged Meadowhawk 29-Oct jcefus Stark
American Rubyspot 5-Nov quddy Portage
mikeabel Fayette
Smoky Rubyspot 24-Oct jheiser Coshocton
Turquoise Bluet 15-May smwhite Greene
Orange Bluet 4-Nov monicap273 Seneca
Tule Bluet 15-May smwhite Greene
River Bluet 4-Jun srmyers Hancock
Westfall's Slender Bluet 19-May roamingthewoods Ashtabula

2022 New County Records

Another bit that we track is the first report of a species in a county. We call that a County Record. This is a one time event. Finding a new County Record at this point is challenging and seems to get more difficult as the years go by. For 2022, we had 128 new County Records. This compares favorably to 2020 (115) and 2021 (112), but trails 2018 (330) and 2019 (321). The peak year was 1959 (405, primarily by R Alrutz).

Species County Date iNat User
Amber-winged Spreadwing Hancock 6/4/2022 srmyers
Arrowhead Spiketail Logan 6/4/2022 jimlem
Aurora Damsel Crawford 6/18/2022 chelsealynne
Azure Bluet Auglaize 6/18/2022 jimlem
Banded Pennant Licking 6/20/2022 susankamps
Banded Pennant Clark 7/10/2022 terrinorris
Band-winged Meadowhawk Lorain 7/11/2022 dear_deaddeer
Band-winged Meadowhawk Trumbull 7/16/2022 charleshappell
Black-shouldered Spinyleg Shelby 7/13/2022 jimlem
Blue Corporal Crawford 5/20/2022 chelsealynne
Blue Corporal Delaware 7/1/2022 spider_wanderer
Blue-faced Meadowhawk Auglaize 6/18/2022 jimlem
Blue-faced Meadowhawk Portage 9/1/2022 jsemroc
Blue-faced Meadowhawk Portage 9/1/2022 quddy
Blue-tipped Dancer Ottawa 8/6/2022 rjacob
Carolina Saddlebags Mercer 5/19/2022 jimlem
Carolina Saddlebags Wayne 6/4/2022 benniesaylor
Citrine Forktail Seneca 5/27/2022 monicap273
Citrine Forktail Wood 7/19/2022 jimlem
Citrine Forktail Marion 8/7/2022 darth_schrader
Comet Darner Coshocton 6/11/2022 jheiser
Comet Darner Fairfield 6/18/2022 raptor_1
Comet Darner Morrow 6/18/2022 jessicalowery
Comet Darner Mahoning 6/21/2022 lewarren
Comet Darner Scioto 6/26/2022 dougoveracker
Comet Darner Columbiana 6/30/2022 quddy
Common Baskettail Pickaway 5/21/2022 turtlerunner
Cyrano Darner Sandusky 6/10/2022 carolr
Cyrano Darner Henry 6/27/2022 jimlem
Cyrano Darner Ottawa 7/16/2022 jackieriley
Dot-tailed Whiteface Hardin 5/27/2022 t_krynak
Dot-tailed Whiteface Shelby 6/5/2022 jimlem
Dot-tailed Whiteface Monroe 6/24/2022 monicap273
Dragonhunter Stark 6/25/2022 jcefus
Eastern Red Damsel Hamilton 6/6/2022 jackstenger
Ebony Jewelwing Mercer 8/16/2022 jimlem
Elegant Spreadwing Scioto 6/18/2022 monicap273
Flag-tailed Spinyleg Scioto 9/9/2022 monicap273
Furtive Forktail Champaign 5/2/2022 jimlem
Golden-winged Skimmer Lake 7/14/2022 sallypsandpiper
Golden-winged Skimmer Franklin 7/25/2022 s0428bugs
Gray Petaltail Columbiana 6/9/2022 jsemroc
Gray Petaltail Meigs 6/19/2022 monicap273
Great Blue Skimmer Ottawa 6/2/2022 rjacob
Great Blue Skimmer Shelby 6/4/2022 jimlem
Great Blue Skimmer Richland 6/8/2022 carolr
Great Blue Skimmer Butler 6/17/2022 nireklov
Great Blue Skimmer Pickaway 6/19/2022 turtlerunner
Great Blue Skimmer Pike 6/21/2022 jimlem
Great Spreadwing Jefferson 8/23/2022 gcasp60
Handsome Clubtail Stark 6/22/2022 kent_miller
Jade Clubtail Montgomery 6/22/2022 rasamoto
Jade Clubtail Preble 6/30/2022 whateverwatcher
Lancet Clubtail Tuscarawas 6/12/2022 monicap273
Little Blue Dragonlet Lucas 5/29/2022 jackieriley
Lyre-tipped Spreadwing Hancock 8/2/2022 srmyers
Macromia Hybrid Montgomery 7/25/2022 rasamoto
Macromia Hybrid Logan 8/11/2022 jimlem
Midland Clubtail Columbiana 6/15/2022 quddy
Midland Clubtail Monroe 6/16/2022 dmcshaffrey
Mocha Emerald Montgomery 7/10/2022 rasamoto
Northern Spreadwing Williams 6/28/2022 jimlem
Ocellated Darner Portage 9/18/2022 dhochadel
Orange Bluet Meigs 7/23/2022 monicap273
Painted Skimmer Fayette 4/24/2022 turtlerunner
Painted Skimmer Shelby 5/9/2022 jimlem
Painted Skimmer Seneca 5/12/2022 ccarrollc1
Painted Skimmer Crawford 5/14/2022 chelsealynne
Painted Skimmer Huron 5/15/2022 carolr
Painted Skimmer Madison 5/30/2022 jimlem
Painted Skimmer Columbiana 7/1/2022 quddy
Rapids Clubtail Columbiana 6/22/2022 jsemroc
Red Saddlebags Clark 5/12/2022 terrinorris
Red Saddlebags Coshocton 9/8/2022 quddy
Royal River Cruiser Shelby 7/13/2022 jimlem
Royal River Cruiser Holmes 7/22/2022 jheiser
Royal River Cruiser Marion 8/28/2022 darth_schrader
Ruby Meadowhawk Clermont 7/7/2022 dmmeyers
Russet-tipped Clubtail Greene 9/7/2022 smwhite
Sedge Sprite Stark 5/26/2022 benniesaylor
Sedge Sprite Sandusky 7/30/2022 darth_schrader
Shadow Darner Lawrence 10/22/2022 monicap273
Skimming Bluet Sandusky 7/30/2022 darth_schrader
Slaty Skimmer Huron 7/13/2022 monicap273
Slaty Skimmer Wood 7/29/2022 rickbarricklow
Slaty Skimmer Marion 8/7/2022 ccarrollc1
Slaty Skimmer Ottawa 8/17/2022 dr__kenda
Slaty Skimmer Harrison 9/15/2022 quddy
Slender Baskettail Preble 5/30/2022 rasamoto
Southern Pygmy Clubtail Medina 5/25/2022 sallypsandpiper
Southern Spreadwing Sandusky 5/29/2022 kimsmith
Spangled Skimmer Clark 5/30/2022 terrinorris
Spangled Skimmer Madison 5/30/2022 jimlem
Spangled Skimmer Preble 5/30/2022 rasamoto
Spangled Skimmer Hancock 6/4/2022 srmyers
Spangled Skimmer Jefferson 6/5/2022 monicap273
Spotted Spreadwing Coshocton 9/14/2022 jheiser
Spotted Spreadwing Allen 9/15/2022 jimlem
Springtime Darner Jefferson 6/5/2022 monicap273
Stream Cruiser Geauga 5/21/2022 toddeiben
Swamp Darner Pike 4/24/2022 jimlem
Swamp Darner Huron 5/24/2022 monicap273
Swamp Darner Stark 6/1/2022 mbarath
Swamp Darner Seneca 6/26/2022 chelsealynne
Swamp Darner Columbiana 7/9/2022 acarnes77
Swamp Spreadwing Pickaway 7/4/2022 darth_schrader
Swamp Spreadwing Harrison 8/28/2022 monicap273
Swamp Spreadwing Pike 9/17/2022 monicap273
Sweetflag Spreadwing Fayette 5/24/2022 mikeabel
Sweetflag Spreadwing Madison 6/1/2022 lisaclairemiller
Swift Setwing Warren 7/2/2022 shane5767
Swift Setwing Morgan 7/30/2022 monicap273
Turquoise Bluet Marion 5/29/2022 monicap273
Turquoise Bluet Portage 6/1/2022 quddy
Twin-spotted Spiketail Medina 5/17/2022 dionysus240
Unicorn Clubtail Belmont 6/4/2022 monicap273
Vesper Bluet Darke 5/29/2022 coachwhipbooks
Vesper Bluet Carroll 6/7/2022 spidi
Vesper Bluet Perry 6/28/2022 mlski
Vesper Bluet Warren 9/7/2022 rasamoto
Wandering Glider Lawrence 7/22/2022 monicap273
Wandering Glider Morgan 8/3/2022 heidi47
Wandering Glider Belmont 9/22/2022 appalachiahowie
Westfall's Slender Bluet Harrison 6/11/2022 monicap273
Westfall's Slender Bluet Auglaize 6/18/2022 jimlem
Westfall's Slender Bluet Meigs 6/19/2022 monicap273
Westfall's Slender Bluet Ottawa 7/5/2022 jsully357
White-faced Meadowhawk Clermont 10/16/2022 dmmeyers
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Some of these must be random chance, an intermittently appearing species that benefitted from a higher level of observation, but others are probably indicative of species that are colonizing new areas. I’d seen a single Comet Darner in Woodbury in Coshocton County in 2021, but it was a very brief sighting and I didn’t get a photo. In 2022, I found a pair of them flying extended patterns over a different Woodbury pond—an area I’d visited in previous years, but not as frequently as my own property. I also checked in 2 observations on my own property, an area that has benefitted from relatively systematic observation since 2018. I’m much more confident that those 2 sightings are representative of something new, but it’s at least as likely the result of microhabitat change due to beaver activity as it is due to range expansion. I’d never observed Black Saddlebags in our Coshocton property until 2021, and in 2022, they were both breeding in and emerging from the w year old beaver pond.

How about Slaty Skimmer as a species that has been moving across Ohio? It would be interesting to animate the last 4 years of sightings for multiple species.

Publicado por jheiser hace más de 1 año

Hi Jay, observer numbers and days in the field are directly related to better data. Our Ohio Odonata Society data are not quantitative, and a little uneven, but each additional year of the recent good numbers are helpful in visualizing general trends. We are seeing increased numbers in "southern" species - those where the historical range is south of Ohio. Similarly, we are not seeing some "northern" species, or they are being reported in lower numbers. A while back I did an animation on Fragile Forktail to show our increase in observations, I could redo that process for some of the species with the most new County Records.

Publicado por jimlem hace más de 1 año

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