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01 de mayo de 2022

May 1 - Here we go!

May is our biggest month for the first sightings of Odonata species with 87 species being recorded in May. With the 35 species from March and April, by the end of May we could have 122 species in flight. Here’s a map of Counties with observations in May. Note that we only have a few counties with no recent May observations. Darker where observations are in the last 5 years. Franklin and Champaign are the clear county leaders in number of May observations.

Here is a table of the species that have been first recorded in May. Sightings prior to the date will constitute new early flight dates.

Species Earliest
Flight Date
All Data
Recent Years
Eastern Pondhawk
Erythemis simplicicollis
1-May 343 286
Emerald Spreadwing
Lestes dryas
1-May 22 10
Sphagnum Sprite
Nehalennia gracilis
2-May 8 3
Dusky Clubtail
Phanogomphus spicatus
3-May 35 12
Swift River Cruiser
Macromia illinoiensis
3-May 12 3
Spangled Skimmer
Libellula cyanea
3-May 87 66
Wandering Glider
Pantala flavescens
3-May 9 5
Pronghorn Clubtail
Phanogomphus graslinellus
4-May 104 49
Widow Skimmer
Libellula luctuosa
4-May 77 58
Ebony Jewelwing
Calopteryx maculata
5-May 405 296
Prince Baskettail
Epitheca princeps
6-May 48 38
Eastern Red Damsel
Amphiagrion saucium
6-May 199 123
American Rubyspot
Hetaerina americana
7-May 22 17
Amber-winged Spreadwing
Lestes eurinus
7-May 64 44
Marsh Bluet
Enallagma ebrium
7-May 5 0
Harlequin Darner
Gomphaeschna furcillata
8-May 22 14
Elegant Spreadwing
Lestes inaequalis
9-May 35 20
Eastern Amberwing
Perithemis tenera
10-May 42 35
Chalk-fronted Corporal
Ladona julia
10-May 25 2
Swamp Spreadwing
Lestes vigilax
11-May 12 10
Gray Petaltail
Tachopteryx thoreyi
12-May 33 23
Lilypad Clubtail
Arigomphus furcifer
13-May 16 11
Black-shouldered Spinyleg
Dromogomphus spinosus
13-May 7 1
Arrowhead Spiketail
Cordulegaster obliqua
13-May 38 22
Calico Pennant
Celithemis elisa
14-May 114 91
Boreal Bluet
Enallagma boreale
14-May 9 0
Stream Bluet
Enallagma exsulans
14-May 88 58
Handsome Clubtail
Gomphurus crassus
15-May 26 9
Band-winged Dragonlet
Erythrodiplax umbrata
15-May 1 1
Violet Dancer
Argia fumipennis violacea
15-May 107 79
Vesper Bluet
Enallagma vesperum
15-May 52 41
Paiute Dancer
Argia alberta
16-May 10 10
Rusty Snaketail
Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis
17-May 14 0
Cyrano Darner
Nasiaeschna pentacantha
17-May 8 7
Spatterdock Darner
Rhionaeschna mutata
17-May 36 29
Elfin Skimmer
Nannothemis bella
17-May 24 21
Yellow-sided Skimmer
Libellula flavida
17-May 2 0
Sweetflag Spreadwing
Lestes forcipatus
17-May 9 5
Northern Spreadwing
Lestes disjunctus
17-May 2 1
Slender Spreadwing
Lestes rectangularis
17-May 71 57
Sedge Sprite
Nehalennia irene
17-May 8 3
Turquoise Bluet
Enallagma divagans
17-May 149 126
Green-faced Clubtail
Hylogomphus viridifrons
18-May 4 0
Cobra Clubtail
Gomphurus vastus
18-May 44 29
Comet Darner
Anax longipes
18-May 15 13
Delta-spotted Spiketail
Cordulegaster diastatops
18-May 18 7
Southern Pygmy Clubtail
Lanthus vernalis
19-May 12 3
Brown Spiketail
Cordulegaster bilineata
19-May 57 32
Frosted Whiteface
Leucorrhinia frigida
19-May 3 0
Blue-tipped Dancer
Argia tibialis
19-May 48 38
Hagen's Bluet
Enallagma hageni
19-May 10 1
Band-winged Meadowhawk
Sympetrum semicinctum
20-May 1 0
Lilypad Forktail
Ischnura kellicotti
20-May 12 12
Rainbow Bluet
Enallagma antennatum
21-May 30 7
Halloween Pennant
Celithemis eponina
22-May 4 1
Slaty Skimmer
Libellula incesta
22-May 25 22
Seepage Dancer
Argia bipunctulata
22-May 13 10
Westfall's Slender Bluet
Enallagma traviatum westfalli
22-May 15 14
Skillet Clubtail
Gomphurus ventricosus
23-May 2 0
Slender Baskettail
Epitheca costalis
23-May 7 4
American Emerald
Cordulia shurtleffii
23-May 9 3
Lyre-tipped Spreadwing
Lestes unguiculatus
23-May 2 0
Powdered Dancer
Argia moesta
23-May 30 18
Dusky Dancer
Argia translata
23-May 3 3
Splendid Clubtail
Gomphurus lineatifrons
24-May 9 1
Racket-tailed Emerald
Dorocordulia libera
24-May 3 0
Banded Pennant
Celithemis fasciata
24-May 9 9
Four-spotted Skimmer
Libellula quadrimaculata
24-May 1 0 Maybe
River Jewelwing
Calopteryx aequabilis
24-May 10 8
Russet-tipped Clubtail
Stylurus plagiatus
25-May 2 0
Eastern Least Clubtail
Stylogomphus albistylus
25-May 8 2
Golden-winged Skimmer
Libellula auripennis
25-May 1 1
Northern Bluet
Enallagma annexum
25-May 3 1
Tule Bluet
Enallagma carunculatum
25-May 12 12
Riffle Snaketail
Ophiogomphus carolus
26-May 2 0
Great Blue Skimmer
Libellula vibrans
26-May 8 7
Blue-fronted Dancer
Argia apicalis
26-May 21 15
Common Sanddragon
Progomphus obscurus
27-May 1 0
Plains Clubtail
Gomphurus externus
27-May 1 0
Tiger Spiketail
Cordulegaster erronea
27-May 6 1
Blue-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum ambiguum
27-May 1 0
Blue-ringed Dancer
Argia sedula
27-May 7 6
Ruby Meadowhawk
Sympetrum rubicundulum
29-May 3 0
Autumn Meadowhawk
Sympetrum vicinum
29-May 1 0 Maybe
Elusive Clubtail
Stylurus notatus
30-May 1 0
Spotted Spreadwing
Lestes congener
30-May 1 0
White-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum obtrusum
31-May 1 0

Recall we have 1) 4 species with March records - go back to the Mar 1 journal to see those; 31 species with April records - go back to the Apr 1 journal for those.

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12 de mayo de 2022

May 12 - Off and Running

What difference 80F+ makes on numbers - both observations and species.

So far on the year: 424 Research Grade observations, in 33 counties, and comprising 27 species.

This compares favorably to recent years with only 2019 having better numbers.

We will have several new early Ohio flight dates for also several new county records.

Species we should be picking up soon: Stream Cruiser, Ashy and Lancet Clubtails, Uhler's Sundragon, and Ebony Jewelwing.

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16 de mayo de 2022

May 15 - Painted Skimmers!

While we're waiting for Clubtails, take a moment to look at all the Painted Skimmers being reported.

We now have more Painted Skimmers in May than any month-of-May in the past. In May 2018 we recorded 65 Painted Skimmers for Ohio. We are now at 79 for May 2022 - and the month is only half over.

Painted Skimmers like a marshy habitat rather than open water, they're likely to perch for you, and make beautiful photos.

May 2022 is also having good numbers for Common Green Darner - soon to be the top year for May - maybe even tomorrow.

Lots of data coming in, it seems like we just crossed 100 Eastern Forktails, now we're well over 200.

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23 de mayo de 2022

May 22 Update

We're moving into the height of the Ohio Odonata season. iNaturalist stats to date for 2022: 1787 Research Grade Observations, 136 Observers, 58 Species, 80 Counties.

These are good numbers. We've never had more counties or observers at this point in the season. We are well on the way to a good number of observations in May (2019 is the target at 2728). Same with species (2019 again set a high mark with 73 species).

Counties that do not yet have 2022 observations: Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, Marion, Monroe, Muskingum, and Tuscarawas.

Forktails lead the way so far, by a fair margin. Common Whitetail has surpassed Common Green Darner. Blue Dasher and Eastern Pondhawk numbers are climbing quickly.

The standout so far is Painted Skimmer with 112 observations across the state. This is close to double the numbers in recent years.

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27 de mayo de 2022

May 27 Update

It looks like a beautiful holiday weekend to get out to your favorite wetlands.

iNaturalist stats to date for 2022: 2,533 Research Grade Observations, 180 Observers, 73 Species, 80 Counties. Numbers are climbing!

Counties that do not yet have 2022 observations: Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, Marion, Monroe, Muskingum, and Tuscarawas.

We need to find a few more species to match recent years.

Forktails lead the way so far, by a fair margin. Common Whitetail continues to have good numbers. Blue Dasher and Eastern Pondhawk numbers are catching up fast.

Painted Skimmer numbers continue to climb - now at 125 observations across the state.

Some species from recent year's in May that we haven't seen yet: Elfin Skimmer, Lilypad Forktail, Lilypad Clubtail, Seepage Dancer, Emerald Spreadwing, Paiute Dancer, Swamp Spreadwing, Banded Pennant, River Jewelwing, Cyrano Darner, Blue-ringed Dancer, and Wandering Glider.

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