North side - 09/16/21

Thursday 9:20 -11:13 am: no newts.
Weather - cold, for a change. Air quality is also good.
Other roadkills: a small spider wasp.
I didn't hear or see any chipmunks this time. Maybe it was too cold. I spent some time looking for oak galls on scrub oaks, and found some interesting ones. Also, when I got back to the parking lot I heard two crows making a lot of noise. They were chasing a golden eagle, that then landed on a tall eucalyptus on the hill in front of me. A few minutes later it took off, and the crows followed.
Coverage: from the parking lot to the second stop sign.
Traffic: 7 trucks, 28 cars, 4 bikes, 17 pedestrians, and 19 cars parked by the road and in the parking lots (1 car at the far lot). It was very quiet again, a few trucks, cars, etc.
A link to all my observations of the day -

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@merav, it's always so cool to see an eagle! This summer Faith and I saw a bald-headed eagle along Coyote Creek Trail. She was so in awe of the eagle and so excited to see our national bird that she learned about in school. It's so fun to see nature through the eyes of a child where everything is magical.

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How nice! My kids loved seeing a bald eagle carrying fish over Calero Reservoir earlier this summer

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So cool!

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