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Searsia longispina and S. pterota - more about telling them apart.
The presence or absence of long, winged petioles can be misleading in the ID of pterota as I have seen a number of plants just like this one where the only giveaway is the venation of the leaves and to an extent, the growth habit/form. In this case the yellowish veins, indented and often offset secondary veins that split well away from the margin are a diagnostic feature of pterota in my opinion. By offset veins, I mean the point at which a secondary vein branches off the midrib is offset from the branching point of the secondaries on the opposite side of the midrib (similar to refracta). In the case of longispina, the secondaries are arranged quite neatly and appear evenly spaced along the midrib, and by branching quite close to the margin they give the impression of rows of neat lines as opposed to them being 'squiggly' as in pterota.
Excerpt from a discussion, author @galpinmd, and i need to find the obs ref again - sigh.

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use either < strong > or < em > - remove spaces between the word and brackets.

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At last; This is what was needed:
< p>< strong>This text is important!< /strong>< /p> .....(spaces inserted again to evade execution!)

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