Field Guide to Searsia

We have a rudimentary field guide. Anyone wanting to help with getting it useful is welcome.

What is needed?

  • Tidy up scientific name display;
  • Add in some diagnostics in the text
  • Create a table of feature x species that we can add in to use as a key.

Anyone keen.

Publicado el octubre 21, 2023 11:13 MAÑANA por tonyrebelo tonyrebelo


Amazing Tony, thank you

Publicado por sandraf hace 7 meses

A worthy project.

Publicado por milewski hace 7 meses

A handy list of references will surely also be helpful, (since even botanists in SA still confuse the species) including how to get access to Moffat's doctoral thesis that is seminal on the genus. ... when I ask google one of the items is an ecuadorian version of the Searsia project - it has a good list of References, but I am unable to find it here! Eek! Dof...

Publicado por annsymons hace 6 meses

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