it works! hmm not!

I tried my first download of location data with obscured location removed (one test taxon) and it worked as expected. Thanks so much for all of your help!

Hmm well I thought it was working but I used a taxon that had both obscured and normal locations and got back only the normal ones, so apparently there is a system bug. Thanks user efmer for pointing this out.

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(note - only the admin can get the unobscured locations)

Publicado el 29 de enero de 2023 16:51 por jhorthos jhorthos


Unless you have an old style project there is still a bug in the system the doesn't show plants that are obscured by the system.

Publicado por efmer hace 10 meses

Huh, really? I might have misinterpreted the information but I got data for one that looked fine. Will look closer, thanks for the heads up.


Publicado por jhorthos hace 10 meses

I think it works if the user obscures the location.
Had to make an old style project just to export our own observations.

Right now I have 5 exports that go into one database.
Combining two old style project with one new collection project.

Making maps that combine vouchers, calflora and inat.

Publicado por efmer hace 10 meses

Ah that would fit - the one I tested is automatically obscured due to threatened status.

Publicado por jhorthos hace 10 meses

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