Serpentine Maps

I have put a lot of work into improving maps of exposed ultramafic (serpentine) rocks in California, Oregon, and Washington. Anyone who knows a local area is invited to help (you can just advise me - I will handle all the map generation).

One example is shown at

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@jhorthos, it is my understanding that there are areas within Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve (near Los Gatos, CA) that are serpentine.
Thanks for all the work you're doing on this project!

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@truthseqr I will take a look to see if I can figure it out. Thanks!

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Yeah I have made some additions in that area and two regions are on the USGS maps. If you want me to send specifics let me know.

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I'd be happy to help out with SLO county.

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Hi Paul - that would be great! If you send me your regular email I can send images (or better yet KML files which are easy to load into Google Earth). - James

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This open area is a tiny serpentine outcrop:

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Cool - that spot lies just outside a USGS boundary so I just added a little bulge to cover it. That is exactly the kind of outcrop I can't do from sat maps. - James

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This might be useful for Serpentine leads if you haven't already incorporated it:

Also this site (map at bottom):

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