Time to submit and identify observations

Everywhere on Earth, Sunday has become a day of the past. With the observation period of the tenth Socially Distant Bioblitz now over, it is time to submit your observations and identify them! Not sure what the organism you found is? Not a problem! Try tagging other iNaturalist users that have experience with that taxa - chances they will be able to assist.

Highlighting a few recent observations, check out these beautiful poison dart frogs found by @frogman44 in Costa Rica:

And this Darkling Beetle species from Zimbabwe, found by @spidermandan

And this Hydatophylax formosus caddisfly from South Korea, found by @whaichi

An event summary will be written and observation awards will be decided in about two weeks time, so please try to have your observations submitted by then. Thank you!

Publicado por slamonde slamonde, 19 de octubre de 2020


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