Event update: 950+ species, plant diversity highlight

Almost to 1,000 species, keep up the great work!

Plants make up nearly 50% of all species found so far during today's bioblitz. If you are looking to quickly boost your species list for today, try 1) searching roadsides (safely!) for invasive or non-native species, 2) finding an area with different soil, or 3) exploring wetlands and water bodies if you can! Remember, even if you do not know what you are looking at, somebody on iNaturalist will help.

Here is a map of our bioblitz plant observations: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&project_id=72927&taxon_id=47126&verifiable=any

Who wants to persuade some iNat users in Africa to find some plants for the bioblitz??

Publicado por slamonde slamonde, 24 de mayo de 2020



I will do some South African plants next time. Too late for today unfortunately!

Publicado por cecileroux hace 5 meses (Marca)

I have "joined" the project as I did last bioblitz day, but none of my observations today are being picked up! I left and rejoined but still none of my observations are getting added to the results. Can anyone help?

Publicado por scotiaspinner hace 5 meses (Marca)

@scotiaspinner Sometimes there is a delay in the projects being listed on an observation. It looks like 27 of your observations have been added to the project (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&project_id=socially-distant-bioblitz-5-24-2020&user_id=scotiaspinner&verifiable=any). Does this amount sound right?

Publicado por slamonde hace 5 meses (Marca)

Ohhhh, perfect thank you! It must indeed be a delay. I'm so glad that they're being added.

Publicado por scotiaspinner hace 5 meses (Marca)

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