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In between uploading and identifying observations from the bioblitz, everyone is invited to share a summary or story of their bioblitz day by posting in the comments section below. Some questions you might respond to are: Where were you bioblitzing? What was the weather? Did you find any species you haven't found before? If you set any personal goals for the day, did you achieve them?

If you need inspiration about what to write, read these stories from the 5 April Socially Distant Bioblitz:

Publicado por slamonde slamonde, 25 de mayo de 2020



On Saturday, the weather forecast said it might rain, so we weren't sure whether we'd be able to go very far after all. We had planned to go to an old railyard that has been turned into a Nature park.

In the morning the weather looked fine, and I went into our courtyard to get a few of the easy species. there were a few cool bugs that I hadn't seen for a while, including this Fruit Fly.
After breakfast we headed out on our bikes, and spotted a juvenile magpie on the way to the park. there were a few crows attacking it, I hope it's doing okay.
Along the way we passed a small forested park, and thought we'd stop to see what we could find there. among the highlights there was this Cryptomyzus korschelti gall mite, which was only the second observation of this species on iNat!
Right at the beginning of the main Nature park there is a small meadow area, where I spotted a Jumping spider I had never seen, along with some cool flowers. Almost as soon as we entered the park it started raining quite hard, so we took shelter under the trees and hoped it would stop soon. It slowed down a bit, but kept raining on and off the whole time we were there. here are a few of my highlights from the nature park (you might be able to see how wet everything was in some of my photos):
I had seen photos of these before, so I was pretty exited to find this Bee fly for the first time:
On the way back we stopped at a tiny park that is sandwiched between buildings, where I spotted my first Thyme-leaved Speedwell of the year:
After a short stop at home we headed out again to get a few more species in the Neighbourhood. I always check the green strips in the middle of the road, and I found a few new things there this time:, Here are a few more things I found later on the walk:,,

All in all I had an amazing day and am amazed by how much I found, considering it was raining half the time :)

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