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This version is intended to be a companion project to the South Carolina State Parks Ultimate Outsiders program and differs from the official South Carolina State Parks project in the following ways:

【1】 Utilizes the 47 South Carolina state parks and historic sites from the Ultimate Outsiders program. New and miscellaneous projects (May Forest SP, SC State House & Blackstock Battlefield SHS) have since been added.

【2】The Mountain Bridge wilderness Area has been split into Caesars Head and Jones Gap State Parks. Caesars Head SP, for purposes of this project consists of Caesars Head WMA, lands west of Hwy 276, the loop trail across 276 from the visitors center and the Wildcat Wayside. The balance is treated as Jones Gap SP. Have been told that official boundaries don't exist. Maybe there should be? See Caesars Head /Jones Gap map.

【3】 H. Cooper is completely redrawn to more closely match the previous maps and the description which claims it's 7000 acres (this version is about 6500 acres). Have been told that an official boundary doesn't exist..

【4】 Boundary waters projects are rolled into their corresponding parks, e.g. Myrtle Beach boundary waters is included with Myrtle Beach.

【5】 St. Phillips Island is a separate side project, but the area is also included in Huntings Island.

【6】 The park icons (modified logos) are modeled after their Ultimate Outsider stamps.

【7】Land or trails associated with a given State Park are included even if not State Park property, e.g. the Tyger River trail @ Rose Hill Plantation or the Catawba River @ Landsford Canal.

The biggest differences though;

【8】Park boundaries (places) have been created with an emphasis on observation inclusion. iNaturalist excludes many based on GPS (in)accuracy (see 14. under Observations). They are of the view that it is best to exclude observations that might not belong - I'd rather see them and decide. These place file names include EPA Ecoregion and place_id numbers (see Project Requirements > Location). Finally, observations tagged as captive/cultivated (casual data quality, unverifiable) are included. See tutorial for detailed explanation. Official State version vs. Ultimate Outsiders Edition of Aiken/Dreher Island State Parks projects compared.

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