Summer 2020

This project is overdue for an update. Fantastic observations keep being added at a steady rate, these have now reached 2400, and the species count is now 400. Below is a purely eclectic selection of some of my favourite recent additions:

• Predation on Ericentrus rubrus by a redbilled gull captured by @goodonya (

• The beautiful saccoglossan slug Oxynoe viridis on a frond of the green alga Caulerpa geminata encrusted with small patches of the epiphytic coralline alga Pneophyllum coronatum photographed by @sarahmilicich (

• The images of the delicate siphosome of Rosacea sp., a siphonophore, by @nicolemiller ( Identification of this was a real group effort involving @wyattp11, Dr Dennis Gordon (NIWA) and Dr Gillian Mapstone (the Natural History Museum, London).

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